A pregnant British woman's appeared in court in Pakistan on drugs smuggling charges. 25-year-old Khadija Shah from Birmingham faces the death penalty.

Shah appeared in court in Islamabad today dressed in a burqa, accompanied by her two children and some other prisoners. She was arrested last month trying to board a flight back to Birmingham after a holiday to see relatives.

Officials discovered 63 kilos of heroin worth £3.2m in several suitcases. Since her arrest the mother's been in police custody with her daughter and son, who are only 4 and 5-years-old. Her brief put in an application for bail today, on account of her being 7-months pregnant and apparently not receiving the right medical care in jail.

Local news reports say Shah denies all the allegations, that she didn't have a clue that drugs were in her bag and that she was doing a favour for men who asked her to carry them. A bail hearing's been set for next Tues with the main case on July the 12<sup>th.