President Obama
The re-elected president delivers his speech after a landslide victory.

Barak Obama has secured a second term in the White House after winning the 2012 US presidential elections.

America's first black president crossed the finish-line with 270 electoral votes while a defeated Mitt Romney managed 206 votes.

Shortly after news of his victory filtered through, a relieved Obama shared a tender picture of himself holding wife Michelle on his campaign twitter page. He captioned the image: "Four more years."

In his victory speech, the triumphant leader told America: "The best is yet to come," while paying tribute to his opponent Mitt Romney for his hard-fought campaign and his public service to his country.

"We have picked ourselves up, we have fought our way back and we know in our hearts that for the United States of America the best is yet to come," he told the cheering crowds.

"We are an American family and we rise and fall together as one nation," he added.

Celebrities across the globe have since reacted to the landslide victory.

Comedian and TV presenter Alan Carr ‏tweeted: "Congrats to Obama, commiserations to Mitt but could America really be governed by a man with the same name as an exfoliating glove."

Singer Paloma Faith ‏also expressed her joy saying: "Obama won! What wonderful news! Congratulations America x"

Labour MP David Miliband tweeted : "Great victory for President and for America. A win for rationality, unity and hope."

Hip hop star MC HAMMER ‏@MCHammer exclaimed: "Celebrating a Historic Night !!! Only in America !!!!!"

Rihanna told her 26 million followers: " I'm so happy! I love you guys man!

She later added: "Don't ever let anybody tell you that God can't! He is a mighty powerful God who will prove to you that He can breakthrough any impossible!"

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