Prince Harry has returned to Afghanistan only a few weeks after shocking naked pictures emerged of him at a party in Las Vegas.

The prince arrived at the main British base, Camp Bastion, in Helmand province, where he will resume his military duties as an Apache helicopter pilot for four months.

His role will be to kill Taliban insurgents using the aircraft's weapon systems, which include Hellfire missiles and a 30mm chain gun.

Captain Jack Gordon, commander of the UK's joint aviation group in Afghanistan, welcomed the prince's return to the line of duty:

"I extend an extremely warm welcome to 662 squadron and to Captain Wales, who with his previous experience as a forward air controller on operations, will be a useful asset to the joint aviation group. Working together with his colleagues in the squadron, he will be in a difficult and demanding job."

Prince Harry was all over the news just a few weeks ago, when pictures of him frolicking naked in a Las Vegas hotel room appeared online, and were later on published in The Sun. The scandal has caused a great deal of embarrassment for the royal family and to the prince, who as the third in line to the throne has attracted a great deal of attention for what some have called a 'playboy' lifestyle.

His second time in the country, Prince Harry initially went to Afghanistan in 2007, but was pulled out when US and Australian media revealed details of his deployment.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner