Seen here in the red dress with her sister Princess Beatrice chatting to guests at last month's Buckingham Palace Garden party, 22-year-old Eugenie is the Duke of York's youngest daughter and 6<sup>th in line to the throne. Eugenie called her time in Newcastle a 'fantastic experience' and that she was 'so lucky to have spent time there'. According to the Daily Mail, Mum (Sarah Ferguson) and Dad (Prince Andrew) are both said they were 'immensely proud' of her. By all accounts Eugenie's going to take a break over the summer before looking for a real job, probably something to do with her immense passion for art.

Brains run in the family, because her older sister Beatrice got a

2:1 in History and History of Ideas from Goldsmith's University –and that makes them the brainiest siblings in the British Royal Family. . A right pair of jewels in the Windsor family crown!

Written & Presented by Marverine Cole