Spanish judge Fernando Andreu on Tuesday (August 6) ordered convicted Spanish paedophile Daniel Galvan Vina to be held in prison on remand pending a decision on what to do with the man, whose pardon was revoked by the Moroccan king.

Galvan Vina, who was serving a 30-year sentence in Morocco and was among 48 jailed Spaniards pardoned at the request of Spain's King Juan Carlos, was arrested in the south-eastern city of Murcia on Monday (August 5) after Morocco requested an international arrest warrant.

Judge Andreu based his decision on the gravity of the crimes committed by Galvan in Morocco and the potential flight risk he represents.

The pardon was revoked by King Mohamed VI on Sunday (August 4) following a protest in front of parliament on Friday (August 2) over the decision to release Galvan, who had raped and filmed at least 11 children aged between four and 15.

The king has promised an investigation into Galvan's release and said he did not know the gravity of the paedophile's offences when the royal pardon was issued.

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