What is it with Germans and their psychic animals? First it was Paul the Octopus who picked correctly world cup winning results, now it is a German sausage dog called 'Sissi' who has nosed out a prediction that Bayern Munich will win this weekend's Champion league final against Chelsea.

A large crowd gathered to see Sissi in action. She is being held by her owner Werner Walkhutter who peers out behind his enormous moustache. Sissi like real pro checks out the crowd's mood. Then it's off down the catwalk and with a bit of encouragement heads towards the two bowls marked Chelsea and Bayern FC. But whether it's the food that is pulling her towards the Bayern bowl or some spirit, she takes a quick nip before toddling off. To loud cheers from the crowd.

Sissi's owner then said, it was the right decision…well,he would say that wouldn't he? Speaking in German he said,

"The decision was right. We were hoping for it, we didn't practice it all, while discussing it beforehand we hoped that the dog would at least make it as far as looking into the bowl. We didn't know if she would like the food or not. There was a lot going on and the dog was a bit nervous. But it all worked out fine."

Well, with the European Championship's coming up, Sissi could have a new career as a football pundit. Mind you if Chelsea win this weekend, it could be early retirement for this young pup.