Radical Muslim cleric Omar Bakri Mohammed praised one of the suspected machete-wielding killers of a British soldier in Woolwich describing him as a Mujahedeen who was fighting for all Muslims.

But he insisted that the suspect, Michael Adebolajo, who was known to him, had acted alone.

"Obviously what happened to the British soldier it is what God has destined and he choose, the British soldier, to live for a particular cause and Michael as well, as Mujaheed, he believe he fighting for the sake of his Muslim brothers and sisters. After all he believe he attack military target, he attack British soldiers who was involving in fighting against Muslims in Afghanistan, in Iraq and in many other parts of the Muslim world, including Cyprus etc.

"He was really, in the footage, firm, standing firm to what he believed, courage, brave, he did not run away from the scene; rather he called the people: ' come on, I want to tell you, what is the motive behind my action'. This is really was very honest and open with every body in order people not to label somebody else so nobody would label the Muslim communities as a whole in Britain, nobody would label Omar Bakri or that group. He did it by his own individual decision and plan that he is going to revenge for his Muslim brothers," he said.