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Carlos Jasso/Reuters

A dating app created in Russia helps Muslim men to find additional wives in an Islamic way which would be considered "haram".

The app, named Mydiaspora, would soon be made available across the world on multiple platforms including iOS and Android. The app is currently available in English, Russian and Farsi.

According to Arsen Kazibekov, the creator of the mobile application, Mydiaspora allows men and women to communicate between them in strict accordance with the Islamic tradition and Shariah law.

"The method of visual sorting, which is used in Western sites, is contrary to Eastern culture and Islamic traditions," Kazibekov told the Russian news site

Mydiaspora, which currently claims to have 10,000 registered users, helps the user to find matches based on answers to a given questionnaire. The profiles would also be matched considering their nationality and religion but their names and photographs will initially be kept hidden.

Kazibekov went on to say that the app allows a woman to share chats with her father or elder brother automatically making the app Shariah compliant.

The service is likely to be introduced in countries like Iran, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria following Russia. Countries where polygamy is not legally prohibited will be the primary targets, added the Russian app creator.