Former Manchester United player Ryan Giggs and his lawyers have had the chance to put forward a defence against the domestic violence charges he is facing from ex-partner Kate Greville. According to Giggs' legal team, the bruises sustained by the complainant during one incident of alleged domestic violence were from "rough sex" and not from physical abuse.

The trial is centered around accusations made by Greville over incidents that took place throughout a span of about three years. One particular incident allegedly took place in Dubai back in 2017. Greville presented Manchester Crown Court with details of physical abuse that she allegedly endured at the hands of the famous former football star inside their hotel room, which left her with bruises on her arm after being dragged across the suite while naked.

However, the footballer-turned coach and his legal team countered the claim with evidence that aim to prove that the bruises on the complainant's body, were caused by consensual actions during sexual relations.

According to a report by Marca, Giggs claimed that upon the encouragement of Greville, he bought an Agent Provocateur cane after she asked him to be more "assertive" in bed and that she wanted to be roughed up a little.

"It was a bruise caused by rough sex that the two of you enjoyed a lot," Giggs' defence lawyer told Greville. They also provided more evidence of the same in the form of messages exchanged between the two former lovers, wherein Greville herself referred to the injuries as "sex bruises."

Chris Daw, from Giggs' legal team, claimed that the desire for "rough sex" came from Greville, and the Red Devils legend even said, "I'm scared of hurting you." However, the woman replied: "I want it to hurt a little. Not in a weird way. I just want you to shock and surprise me."

Meanwhile, apart from the Dubai incident, The Sun reports that Greville has also spoken about a separate violent incident in a London hotel in 2019. She also accused Giggs of cheating on her with at least 12 other women, and that he had once thrown a laptop bag at her head, headbutted her in the face and kicked her out of bed.

Giggs has pleaded "not guilty" to the charges of assault and coercive behaviour, but both sides appear to have a lot of dirty laundry that they have yet to air out during this trial.

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