Samsung new wearable
Samsung upcoming smartwatch USPTO

Samsung's new smartwatch design has been revealed via patent applications published by United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Samsung has been rumoured to launch a new standalone smartwatch that will enable users to make and receive calls without being tethered to a smartphone.

Samsung is said to be in talks with network operators in the US, South Korea and Europe about the smartwatch, expected to be unveiled in between June and July. The Tizen running smartwatch is expected to take photos and send mails and feature GPS, Bluetooth and a heart-monitor.

Now the USPTO has published a few patent applications covering Samsung's upcoming wearable device, reports SammyToday.

The patent suggests Samsung's new smartwatch resembles Motorola's Android Wear powered Moto 360 featuring a round face.

Although the patent applications do not cater information about the hardware specifications of the smartwatch, there are a few patents related to the gestures that controls the function of the wearable device.

Some of the patent applications released by the USPTO include, 20140143678 – GUI Transitions on Wearable Electronic Device, 320140143737 – Transition and Interaction Model for Wearable Electronic Device, 220140143784 – Controlling Remote Electronic Device with Wearable Electronic Device, 20140143785 – Delegating Processing from Wearable Electronic Device, 20140139637 – Wearable Electronic Device, 20140139486 – Placement of Optical Sensor on Wearable Electronic Device, 20140139454 – User Gesture Input to Wearable Electronic Device Involving Movement of Device and 20140139422 – User Gesture Input to Wearable Electronic Device Involving Outward-Facing Sensor of Device.

Those who wish to have a look at the patent applications published by USPTO, here is the download link.

The timing of the release of these patent applications coincides with the leak about Samsung's new wearable and the patent for a device that gets its network connectivity from pairing with a smartphone or tablet, adds PhoneArena.

This would be contrary to the standalone features rumoured so far. Therefore, it could turn out that these patent applications have nothing to do with the leaked wearable or, there could be a connection; only time will tell.