Yeezy CyberTruck
A new Tesla video hints at their future plans. While some speculate it teases a luxurious Robotaxi with sustainable materials, others are buzzing about glimpses of a futuristic, Kanye West-designed Cybertruck. Twitter / Daily Loud @DailyLoud

In a video that surfaced online this week, Kanye West (a.k.a. Ye) briefly unveiled the design of what looks like a limited-edition Cybertruck, but the reception from fans could have been more enthusiastic.

Online speculation has swirled around the futuristic Cybertruck design, with some claiming it to be a limited-edition Yeezy collaboration with Tesla. The video portrays a futuristic, all-black Cybertruck design, adding a Yeezy twist to the bold vehicle.

However, it's important to note that this is not an official Yeezy product, although the vehicle in the video is said to be part of the limited edition line of the Cybertrucks where only three will be produced. There is no confirmation that Kanye West owns one.

The video shows the assumed 'Yeezy' Cybertruck sporting a radical design. This all-black vehicle features a sharp, wedge-like shape formed entirely of straight lines, culminating in a distinctive pyramid peak at the top.

Controversial Cybertruck Design Sparks Online Frenzy

Lacking most external features except for a tail light reminiscent of Knight Rider, the design has reportedly been met with mixed reactions online, with some fans comparing it to unconventional objects.

The video (watch here) sparked a frenzy online, with the now-deleted X post's comments section overflowing with hilarious comparisons. Following the theme of outdated technology, viewers likened the design to a "DVD player" and a "router from 2007."

However, the most cutting remark considering West's recent religious turn was: "This is why God doesn't talk to us anymore." This highlights the divisive nature of the design, even inspiring humour at West's expense. But not all reactions were scathing.

Some embraced the futuristic concept, with one commenter referencing a popular meme: "We got a f*ckin Yeezy Tesla before "GTA 6." Another chimed in, suggesting the design "would be fire for the PS6." A more practical concern emerged: "Imagine the cop saying, please put down your window...," hinting at the potential challenges of the unconventional design.

The outlandish Yeezy Cybertruck design starkly contrasts the sleek, minimalist vision of the Tesla robotaxi, which is inching closer to reality. While details about the upcoming electric vehicle (EV) are still scarce, Tesla has unveiled a flashy promotional video touting its prospects to sway public opinion before its annual meeting.

The move comes as Elon Musk's hefty pay package hangs in the balance. The video is packed with hints about the design and interior of their next-gen Robotaxi platform.

The Future of Transportation? Tesla's Robotaxi Gets Closer

The video even hints at potential future reveals, offering glimpses of Tesla's next-generation platform for mass-market electric vehicles. This platform could underpin vehicles like the Robotaxi or the long-rumoured Model 2, which Musk insists remains in development despite a Reuters report claiming its cancellation.

At the one-minute mark, the video (watch here) shows Tesla a glimpse of an "NV93 vehicle package", according to signage in the design studio. This code name aligns with an earlier leak this year that pointed to Tesla's next-generation vehicle using the internal designation "NV9X."

The lack of a visible steering wheel in the "NV93 package" strongly suggests it could be a prototype for the Robotaxi. However, a large, comfortable seat and what appears to be a wooden interior are visible inside.

Tesla new design
Tesla next-gen vehicle interior Twitter / Tesla @Tesla

While Tesla has used wooden frames in prototypes, the video's opening seconds briefly show wood drilling and carving, hinting that this wooden element might be more than just a placeholder for the final design.

According to Isaacson's biography, Musk prioritised the Robotaxi over the Model 2. The new Tesla video hints at this future project, showcasing a prototype with a comfortable seat and a potentially sustainable wooden interior.

Additionally, the video opens with a glimpse of a vehicle component resembling the Cybertruck's angular design, hinting at a blend of futuristic aesthetics with potentially eco-friendly materials.

This focus on premium materials aligns with the idea of a compact Robotaxi built for comfort and a futuristic aesthetic, likely to be unveiled in August.