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UK water crisis pollutes privatisation legacy

Britain's biggest water supplier staving off renationalisation, trains derailed by strikes and consumers suffering huge energy bills -- the nation's vital sectors are mired in chaos decades after their controversial privatisation.

French fury over pension law is more than what it seems

France's citizens have protested for months over what appears to be the extension of the retirement age by two years. But the issue runs deeper. The public is upset at the president who they believe was voted in to do nothing.

Macron stands firm on pension bill as protests escalate

French President Emmanuel Macron drew an angry response from unions and opposition parties on Wednesday when he said he would press on with plans to raise the pension age, rejecting calls for a U-turn in response to growing public anger.

Strike cuts power to Olympic village, Stade de France

Strike action cut power to the large sports arena Stade de France and to some of the construction work for the 2024 Olympic village in the northern suburb of Saint-Denis on the outskirts of Paris, union officials said on Thursday.