Skype iPhone
Skype's latest features intend to make operation on mobile phones easy iStock

Skype is rolling out its latest update that brings along a new set of features for the mobile version, making calling on the platform simpler. The update is currently available on Android and is scheduled to roll out over the next few weeks.

The Microsoft-owned company is looking to improve the video call experience for its mobile users by introducing prolonged connectivity, which helps users stay connected even if the person who initiates the call leaves the conversation midway. This feature is particularly beneficial for group calls.

The company is also streamlining all types of calls made via the Skype mobile app by changing the "Call phones" tab into "Calls". This will help mobile users have a single-tap access to free Skype-to-Skype audio or video calls and calls to mobile or landline numbers. Apart from this, purchasing Skype credit has been made easier than before.

Skype is bringing video messages to replace traditional voicemails. Users also have an option to leave a simple chat message if they prefer, all integrated natively into the chat with the person or group.

The new update is an attempt by the video-calling platform to fend competition from rival apps such as Hangouts, Facebook Messenger and the recently-launched Google Duo which is exclusively positioned for voice and video calls. The latest beta mode version of WhatsApp has also revealed that video calling may soon arrive on the messenger platform, increasing the competition for Skype.