A suicide bomber has killed 4 people and left 13 more injured 4 critically, at a blast in Karachi India. The target of the attack was believed to be was an armoured personnel carrier but police officials have escaped unhurt.

The wounded were wheeled in on stretchers before being taken to a government hospital after the blast . The body of one man can be seen who was killed in the blast.

Speaking outside the the Jinnah Medical Centre, Mohammed Anwar, confirmed the status of the injured.

"Total 13 injured patients were brought to hospital and four dead bodies also received. Four of the injured are in critical condition and some others are undergoing surgery."

The dead bodies can be seen wrapped in make shifts shrouds, while a rescue worker lifts the sheet off the face of one dead man killed in the blast.

This is the second blast in just over a week that has seen bombers targeting the Police Force in India .