She's been accused of putting her 5 year old daughter's life in danger by taking her into a sun tan booth while she's having a salon treatment.

Now this New Jersey mum's passion for topping up her tan has landed her in court charged with putting her child in danger. When Patricia Krentcil's daughter went into infant class one day last month with sunburn, the school nurse got suspicious and called the police.

Ms Krentcil denies exposing her little girl to the potentially harmful effects of the rays from her beauty treatment by taking the toddler into the tanning booth and having her alongside her while she soaks up the fake sun.

New Jersey state is one of many in the US which has made it illegal for anyone under 14 years of age to use ultraviolet devices.

And by all accounts the salon in question, City Tropics Tanning, says they can't actually confirm if they saw Ms Krentcil take her into the booth with her that day and that police never questioned them about the incident.

The mother was freed on bail and is due to reappear in court this time next month.