'Man of Steel' image
'Man of Steel' leaked image -

An image leaked from the set of the new "Man of Steel" film, which will see the reboot of the Superman franchise, has been shared on the internet.

The picture, showing a truck speared with telegraph poles, suggests that director Zack Snyder, best known for his work on "300" and graphic novel adaptation "Watchmen", will not skimp on the action.

Expectation levels are high for the "Man of Steel", which will see Henry Cavill don the cape which transformed Christopher Reeve into a movie icon.

Bryan Singer's highly anticipated "Superman Returns", starring Brandon Routh as the titular hero, failed to gain favour with fans and critics.

Snyder will be keen for the reboot, scheduled for release in 2013, to be a success after his last film, "Sucker Punch", proved a critical flop.