In what seems like a never-ending recent stream of violence in Iraq, at least 14 people have been killed in yet another horrific bomb blast targeting Shi'ite Muslim districts. A parked car exploded in the entrance of a market in the Washash area of Baghdad this morning and a police patrol was also hit by a roadside bomb. At least 50 others have been injured.

'What did they do to deserve this?' that's the prevailing feeling of many rescue workers and residents here as they pick through rubble looking for survivors and trying to retrieve belongings. The carnage is the aftermath of a separate car bomb attack which killed at least 4 people. Eyewitnesses talked of preparing breakfast but being showered by glass and bricks as the blast shook their homes. This woman says her husband was injured and taken to hospital. Their two cars are burnt out and she doesn't even know if her neighbours are dead or alive.

The fighting between various factions continues to sore ever since American troops left last December. This month in particular has seen a real spike in attacks – all of which have left over 150 people dead.

Written & Presented by Marverine Cole