The first day of the UN-brokered Eid ceasefire has been broken already, with reports that three people have been killed by tank fire in the Syrian capital Damascus.

The four day truce was supported by both sides initially although President Bashar al-Assad said he would respond to any attacks, and rebel forces were sceptical of the Syrian leader sticking to the deal.

Omar Shawaf from the Syrian National Council explained his scepticism

"We don't believe as Syrian opposition that Bashar Assad will be adhering with this truce and it shows itself today because till now 17 civilians was (were) killed in Syria within the last six hours."

As images were broadcast earlier on Syrian TV which showed Assad attending Friday prayers, a Free Syrian Army commander demanded that President Bashar al-Assad freed detainees. And U.N. aid agencies that had geared up to take advantage of any window of opportunity provided by a ceasefire to go to areas that have been difficult to reach with aid and supplies will now have to rethink their strategy.

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