Engagement is the key to winning on Instagram. If you do not participate actively, you will not be able to enjoy all the benefits of Instagram. The advantage of automation is that you avoid having bot-generated followers,which is mostly the case if you are pretty new to Instagram stuff.

Don't you know what Instagram automation is? We'll explain everything here.

Tips for your business to gain more Instagram followers with automation
Tips for your business to gain more Instagram followers with automation instaboostgram

There are several software programs to automate your social networks, which have been designed to save time and save your efforts. Several of these applications are dedicated to Instagram. Here's how you can boost your Instagram business account using an automation tool:

1: Focus on creating quality content

Use the time saved with the automation of your accounts to ensure that the content on your Instagram is of very high quality and correctly targets your audience. If you don't post quality content, there's no point in automating your Instagram, as you won't be able to keep your followers interested in the long run.

2: Check your automation actions regularly

From time to time, you have to watch how your automation evolves. If you find that you do not gain that much engagement and visibility, it is strongly recommended to adjust your parameters and try other targets (hashtags, places, and people).

3: Take the time to respond to all comments

To increase your engagement, take the time to respond to all of your comments, even if you realize that the comments have been automated. Taking the time to respond to each comment shows your audience that you are paying attention to it and also shows to Instagram that you are a real person.

4: Automate to save time, not to avoid work

If you have programmed your Instagram account for the first time, you can leave and never be interested in the different settings again; this is FALSE! If so, you are automating your account for the wrong reasons. It's normal that you are looking for an efficient and quick way to get big results on Instagram, but unfortunately, it doesn't work like that.

You will still need to interact with Instagram and create content for your followers manually. You need to develop a stable relationship with your community; your results will be only exponential. It is important to adjust your parameters and targets continuously to get the desired results. Yes, there are currently a lot of Instagram accounts that are 100% automated, but that is not what your community expects from you.

The best Instagram automation provider is only focus on real things i.e. buy Instagram followers. In other words, your automation tool must act like a real person.

5: Automate comments

There are a few people who are against comment automation because it can be considered spam. However, when you automate them properly, they can be very beneficial to your account. To automate your comments well means staying neutral, positive, and including many parameters in your bot to avoid the spam effect (Spintax technology can be very good for that). Keep in mind that even by automating comments, you can stay relevant and avoid appearing to be a fake.

It's best to target the photos you want to comment on to make sure you don't waste time, because Instagram automation tools can comment on hundreds of photos every day. But in this case, it will be almost impossible for you to be 100% relevantto each photo. So take the time to precisely target your audience, even if you want to try the effectiveness of certain comments manually beforehand and then program them on your bot.

6: Automate likes

Automating Instagram likes is easier. This is very unlikely to appear as spam to users and be flagged by Instagram. Liker is much less intrusivethan comments and has the power to be as effective! If your bot allows you to like your newsfeed automatically, do it, the InstaBOSS app will allow you to do this easily.

Automating your likes ensures you certain visibility continuously, which amounts to paying an Instagram ad, except that it is much cheaper!

7: Automate messages

In the same way as comments, you can also automate the sending of Instagram messages to other accounts. Although it can be difficult to be relevant in every message, welcoming your new followers with an automatic message can be a very effective method of engaging your community. In this message, you can present your account, the theme, your shop, your product if you have one. You will not have much choice but to create generic messages, so stay neutral and positive (example: "Thank you for the 'following!"). Also, keep in mind that you can, just like the comments used, "Spintax." technology to make messages less generic.

8: Automate the discovery and monitoring of new accounts

In many cases, the automation tools on the market have very different offers, but they will all offer the ability to find and track Instagram accounts. In general, all you have to do is add hashtags, locations, or people you want to follow. Then, using this information, the bot will start the automation of the chosen action (follow, like, share) by choosing one of the targets at random or in a thoughtful way for the best performing bots.

9: Automate your posts

Some Instagram automation bots like InstaBOSS allow you to schedule posts on this social network. Consolidating your content creation over a period of time makes the task easier and allows you to focus once a week on it. This also allows you to maintain a constant pace of posts;your community will thank you for that. By doing so, you don't need to post content every day manually, and you can dwell on other tasks to develop your business/project.

10: Automate unfollow for certain accounts

With this strategy and your automation tool, you only follow those people who are likely to be interested in your content. So, wait a few days to see if he follows in return if he does not follow, use your bot to stop your following on this account. Most of the time, you will see that 20 to 35% of people will follow you back.

The final percentage can vary significantly, depending on the effectiveness of your strategy. The idea is to use filters in your bot settings to target your future audience as precisely as possible.

It's hard to think that following/unfollowwithout using an automation tool will help you get results. By manually targeting 1000 users per week in an active niche, compared to automation, you will discover that the manual method will only bring you a 10% return, which is much less important. Without taking into account all the time wasted doing this manually, it is in your best interest to use automation.

Automatically unfollowing from followers who don't follow you in return will allow you to keep a good followers ratio, a good engagement rate and will show Instagram that your account is attractive.