The British curry awards showcase the best Indian cuisine in the country. It shows just how vital the industry is to our economy that the Prime Minister took the time to tour the kitchen.

But chefs like those he spoke to are in short supply since the government tightened immigration policy, nonetheless David Cameron promised to back the industry

"Let me promise you this: we will work through this together. We'll continue to help you get the skilled Asian chefs that you need and we will also work with you to train up the next generation of home grown chefs," he said.

And that was music to the ears of all the people there to celebrate the nation's favourite cuisine. 2.5 million of us eat curry from a restaurant every week, and that's why this annual event is one of the hottest tickets in town.

"Cause when you're away, wherever you are in the world and you get back to England, the first thing we all do, we don't go 'I want to go out for a roast beef and Yorkshire, I don't want chips, I just want to go out for a good old English traditional Indian curry,' and we all do it," said broadcaster Chris Tarrant.

"It's so part of our culture, isn't it? You know, a good old British curry. It really is intrinsic now," said Melinda Messenger.

Chef James Martin said: "No I'm a Yorkshireman trying to do curry and there is some amazing talent in the UK now and you know what, every time I see these Chefs that we get on the show, is you try and replicate it and you just never can do it exactly the same as them."

From the coolest Korma, to the mightiest Madras, there was something here to suit all tastes.

And the crowd was full of curry connoisseurs, among them, the owners of the nation's favourite takeaway.

"We're a family business and we've been running for 20 years, and to get an award like this is an achievement for the family as well as for us and it's brilliant basically," said owner of Polash Tandoori, Shafique Miah.

This is the ninth year the event's been running and curry's come a long way since the first restaurant opened in England over 200 years ago and the journey continues.

Presented by Adam Justice