Twitter could make its IPO filing public this week, ahead of a probable flotation on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) that is expected to value the micro-blogging service at about $16bn (£9.9bn, €11.8bn).

Twitter filed to go public on 13 September but did so "confidentially".

The US-based firm has set itself an ambitious target - to begin trading before the American Thanksgiving holiday on 28 November, reported news website Quartz, quoting an unnamed person familiar with the company's plans.

However, several factors could hold-up the official filing of Twitter's S-1, the initial registration form for new securities.

Potentially unfavourable market conditions and changes to the prospectus aside, the impending shutdown of the US government could delay Twitter's filing, Quartz's source added.

Meanwhile, Twitter would have to cut down on some traditional pre-listing activities to be able to start trading before 28 November, according to the news website.

The San Francisco-based firm could sell 50-55 million shares priced at between $28 and $30 per share, news website The Street reported on 24 September. Twitter could end up raising anywhere between $1.4bn and $1.65bn through the IPO, pegging the firm's valuation at around $15bn or $16bn.

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