Altcat AI girlfriend
Altcat allows you to get close to your favourite influencer's AI avatar. Altcat / Instagram

Altcat, a new AI-powered social platform, lets you create a virtual girlfriend modelled after your favourite influencer, and in the process, blurring the lines of social engagement and offering closer connections with celebrities.

On April 24th, Altcat, a new AI platform, launched with a groundbreaking feature: AI Twins that lets you connect with your favourite social media stars and OnlyFans creators on a deeper level.

Altcat lets you indulge in private experiences with your favourite stars' AI Twins. These AI companions can chat with you, fulfill customised image requests, and even send video clips, all while mimicking the influencer's voice, mannerisms, and reactions for an authentic feel.

"We anticipate a transformative shift in the dynamics between influencers and their fans in the future, and Altcat stands poised at the forefront of this evolution," said Zenon, founder of Altcat (via IssueWire). The top executive further explained that AI integration on Altcat allows influencers to create and share personalised content at a rapid pace.

This empowers fans to have deeper, more fulfilling interactions with their idols, shortening wait times and potentially reducing costs.

Connecting with Mega Influencers Like Never Before

On Altcat, you can chat with AI replicas of your favourite influencers, offering a level of intimacy and connection that's never been possible before. Whether you want to keep it casual or delve deeper with customised images and videos, Altcat provides a variety of ways to interact, all through a convenient subscription.

This innovative platform enables fans of all backgrounds to experience the world of their favourite influencers in a whole new way.

AI Twin is More Than Just a Chatbot

Unlike the often awkward and cartoonish AI avatars you might expect, Altcat's AI twins are strikingly realistic, capturing the essence of the influencers they represent without any artificial stiffness.

The AI chat lets you have conversations with your favourite influencers' virtual twins, who are programmed to respond and react just like the real person.

Their responses and reactions are modelled on the influencers' existing content, creating a truly immersive experience that captures their unique personalities. Zenon claims the AI twins are so realistic that even the influencers have difficulty telling their content from Altcat's creations.

This remarkable similarity creates a more immersive and engaging experience, pushing the boundaries between real and virtual interactions. The AI twins can also embody the seductive personas some influencers are known for, catering to fans' fantasies and creating unforgettable experiences.

This is evident in the enthusiastic endorsements from prominent OnlyFans creators like Cathy Zhao (@whatsupcathyz) and Amara Mila (@asianmaidenx). They describe their AI twins as "much more wild and naughty," emphasising the platform's ability to create a truly immersive and personalised experience.

In addition to teaming up with established stars, Altcat has collaborated with rising names like Instagram's Chloe (@coco_chm) and TikTok's Velymom (, who boasts 1.7 million followers.

These collaborations show Altcat's commitment to fostering a new era of AI-powered content. With over 274,353 chats already happening, Altcat's innovative approach is resonating with users.

Platforms like Altcat, with its AI-powered influencer twins, are pushing the boundaries between real and virtual experiences. This trend extends beyond social media.

Tech companies are developing digital clones for attending meetings and exploring the possibility of AI-driven dating apps. The future seems to hold even more integration between AI and our daily lives.