Meta Threads
Threads vs X: Positive user experience focus could give Meta's platform an edge. Pexels

In July of last year, Meta launched a Twitter competitor called Threads. The platform's similarity with Twitter sparked constant comparisons between the two social media platforms. While many assumed Meta's offering would lag far behind the rebranded X (formerly Twitter), new data indicate this may not be true.

However, it is worth noting that third-party app data providers lack access to the entire data stream from the apps themselves. In other words, their numbers, while informative, may only partially be accurate. Despite these limitations, the data suggests a fairly significant shift in user behaviour.

Data from Apptopia indicates a steady increase in the number of daily active users for Threads. In fact, their latest insights suggest Threads may now have surpassed X in terms of daily active users within the US market.

Threads has reportedly been averaging an estimated 28 million daily active users (DAUs) so far in April. This is a significant sign that people have opened the app at least once daily. According to Business Insider, it has averaged 22 million DAUs during the same period. This usage rate is 21 percent lower than Threads.

It's important to note that this data applies only to the US market. While the Musk-led platform has more than 550 million monthly active users globally, these figures suggest X competitor, Threads, is gaining traction domestically.

The Data Isn't Entirely Negative For X (Twitter)

There is some positive data for X. While the daily active user count hasn't shown significant growth, Apptopia reports it had actually increased since December, when X reportedly dipped to around 17 million US DAUs.

Since acquiring it, Elon Musk has been ambitiously transforming X into a more comprehensive platform. However, reports surfaced earlier this month suggesting a potential return to the familiar Twitter branding, with reasons for this shift yet to be fully confirmed.

In the US, X has stabilised with around 25 million daily active users, recovering from the initial disruptions caused by Musk's platform changes. Nevertheless, Threads' impressive growth suggests it could become a major competitor in the US market. This success could potentially pave the way for its expansion into other regions as well.

Meta Threads' Meteoric Rise And Slowdown In Growth

Despite facing criticism from Musk and former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey following its debut, Threads raced to 100 million members in record time. The platform currently boasts 130 million monthly active users, accordng to Meta.

X, for comparison, claims to have 550 monthly active users, so overall, Threads still has a long way to go to unseat the former bird app. However, Meta's focus on fostering a positive user experience could potentially lure users away from X, particularly those seeking a less confrontational online environment.

X's emphasis on real-time content and its openness to political discussions are both strengths and drawbacks depending on individual preferences. With its emphasis on user experience, Threads is emerging as a viable alternative for some users seeking a more positive and engaging online experience compared to X.