Conor McGregor threatened a reporter during the UFC 264 press conference ahead of his trilogy fight against Dustin Poirier on Saturday at the T-Mobile Arena at Las Vegas. The Irishman and American also did not hold back and threw insults each other, which at times got very personal.

McGregor's gentlemanly behaviour that he put forward ahead of the duo's second fight in Abu Dhabi was gone, and he was back to being his fiery, abusive self. He was clear that he does not respect Poirier and claimed that he was going to "kill him" inside the octagon on Saturday.

However, it was not just Poirier that was jostling with McGregor during the press conference. The reporters were also not holding back. The former two-division UFC champ was riled up when one reporter asked if the outcome will be any different from UFC 257 when McGregor was defeated via knockout by the American.

The reporter pointed out that 'the Notorious' had managed just one win inside the octagon since Barack Obama stepped down as the U.S. President. McGregor went ballistic and threatened a beat down, but the reporter did not hold back with the line of questioning.

"You have won one fight since Barack Obama was President," the interviewer said, midway through the UFC 264 press conference.

"Shut your mouth or I'll go down [there] and smash your nose in," McGregor retorted. "I'll smash your nose in you little rat, you little rat. Someone smack him!"

The interviewer did not hold back, he continued, "This man [Poirier] sent you to a place where time doesn't exist six months ago. We want to know why anyone should expect anything different on Saturday."

"It's one more fight I won than your little s***y a**!" McGregor bit back.

McGregor ended the press conference by predicting that Poirier will be leaving the octagon on a stretcher on Saturday night. The Irishman also tried landing a kick on 'the Diamond' as the two faced off.

Conor McGregor
Mixed martial arts star Conor McGregor was the highest paid athlete in the world in 2020 accordig to a Forbes annual list Steve Marcus/GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA