Crimestoppers and Britain's National Crime Agency (NCA) launched a new campaign in Madrid on Thursday (November 14) targeting 13 British fugitives believed to be at-large in Spain.

The campaign is part of "Operation Captura," which was launched in 2006, leading to the arrest of 53 of 63 fugitives wanted in the UK.

Crimestoppers, the charity that partnered with the NCA for the campaign, aims to reduce crime by allowing people to call anonymously with information concerning the misdemeanour.

Roger Critchell of Crimestroppers appealed to Spaniards, as well as Britons living in Spain and the UK to provide information on the 13 fugitives, whose pictures were shown at the news conference.

"Members of the public: Do you know where they are? Because if you do, please tell us," he said.

Britain's National Crime Agency head for European Operations, Hank Cole, said the runaways were probably hiding among British communities in Spain.

"It's highly likely that the criminals whose names we have announced today will be living within the British communities because that is where they understand the language, that's where they have their sense of community, and that's where they most likely hide," he said.

Cole added that there was no real profiles for the criminals other than that they were all men and had chosen Spain as their refuge.

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