The 158<sup>th University Boat Race on the River Thames on 7 April, 2012 was a dramatic event with Cambridge University winning the race after Oxford broke an oar.

The race had to be suddenly stopped in between when a swimming intruder in the River Thames was almost hit by the Oxford boat. As soon as the intruder was spotted, the umpire John Barrett immediately stopped the race to ensure the swimmer's safety as he was almost hit by the Oxford boat.

The race started once again following the event after about 30 minutes. However, there was more drama in store for the event when the crews' oars clashed and one of the Oxford rowers ended with a broken blade.

With Oxford having a broken oar, Cambridge easily went on to win the race. Despite the Oxford crew's appeal at the end of the race umpire Garrett declared Cambridge the winner.

Oxford bowman Dr Alex Woods collapsed in the boat after they crossed the line and was transferred to the race launch for medical treatment. He was later taken to the Charing Cross Hospital where his condition was described as stable.

A statement by the Boat Race Company mentioned that Woods was in a stable condition now and was on the road to recovery. "It is very sad that the 158th Boat Race, which was heading towards a thrilling finale, was disrupted by a member of the public in a manner that risked serious injury to himself and the competing crews. These incidents are planned for and we would like to congratulate both crews and the Race Umpire for their speed and professionalism in unfortunate circumstances as a result of which the protestor suffered no injuries."

After the race there was no presentation ceremony as both sides showed their concern for Woods, who was taken to Charing Cross hospital immediately afterwards, where he was recovering well a short time later.

The race has been regarded as the most dramatic and controversial of all Boat Races till date. Catch a glimpse of the 2012 University Boat Race: