Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt says he is in great form ahead of the Diamond Athletics meeting in Rome and plans to dominate the sport for another four years. He also said he was extremely upset by the news that Alex Ferguson has retired from being coach at Manchester United.

"I am feeling great. I have been doing a lot of work on my speed endurance for the past couple of weeks and did a few starts. So everything is coming together," he said.

"I have pretty much four more years I think personally, in the sport, so now it is all about dominating for those four years. I am looking forward to the next Olympics to do something that has never been done before so that is one of my biggest things, goals right now. For the next four years, I will try just to dominate the sport and show people that it is possible to go year in, year out and just be the best. It is going to take hard work and I really look forward to the competition because it drives me and it helps the sport. I am going to do as much as possible and enjoy it and help to develop the sport over the years," he said.

"I must say it was a stressful day for me. For Alex Ferguson to retire it was pretty hard to hear he was going. He was a great manager and did extremely well for Manchester United, he led us to a lot of titles over the years. For me now, me and Alex, we are friends, so now that there is a new manager, I am slightly worried that it is going to be just that little bit harder to make the team. I think I have enough qualities to make the team (laughs)," he added.