Team GB medal-hopeful Victoria Pendleton and chef Jamie Oliver have challenged people in the UK to get off their sofas and involved in local sport at the launch of a new charity campaign.

The Samsung Hope Relay is encouraging people to run, walk or cycle as part of their legacy for the Olympic Games. For every mile those taking part complete, the Korean tech giant will donate £1 to charities, including Kids Company in London.

As part of Monday's launch outside City Hall, a wall spelling out the words Hope Relay was unveiled and Pendleton completed a mile on her bike. Oliver, meanwhile, chose to walk with members of the public, who were given trainers from the Wall of Hope.

Oliver said: "It's really important to inspire people in the whole of the UK to take part in the Olympics and if it encourages people to get fitter and raises money for charity, that's a good thing.

"The Hope Relay will help you even if you're not looking for a gold medal."

And Pendleton, who cycled her mile with some of those that have benefited from the Kids Company's work, said: "It was a real inspiration to meet some of the people who have embraced the support Kids Company offer them to go on to lead a meaningful and rewarding life.

"I've been training hard for the Olympic Games and now it's just around the corner so it's time for everyone to get involved - the Samsung Hope Relay is a great way of raising funds for deserving causes, like Kids Company, and letting everyone take part in the Games."

Those wanting to participate in the Hope Relay can download the GPS-powered app onto their Android phone and track every mile they accumulate, so long as it is under the 25mph speed limit.

SP Kim, president and CEO of Samsung Europe, said at the launch at City Hall: "We are here today to launch something which we hope will have a lasting legacy way beyond 2012.

"With the Samsung Hope Relay our ambition is to galvanise people's excitement around the Olympic Games and couple that with our technology to allow everyone to take part in the Games and contribute towards the future."

The Samsung Hope Relay runs between now and 12 Aug 2012. For more information visit the Samsung Web site.