Australian supermodel and Victoria's Secret star Miranda Kerr celebrates her 28<sup>th birthday today.

The gorgeous wife of Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom (he of "Pirates of the Caribbean" fame), Miranda rose to fame in 2007, as the first Australian to represent the glamorous American lingerie giants.

In fact, ranks her fourth in a list of the 20 sexiest models in the world.

More recently, Miranda posed for the cover of Grazia Australia's January issue, in a rather fetching Wonder Woman costume... and was promptly declared the hottest Wonder Woman ever! Linda Carter... please take note.

Additionally, Miranda is also something of a role model in her home country... juggling , as she does, the roles of model, a wife and a mother (Bloom and she have a son together).

As of now, the Australian model is busy promoting the Kora Organic range of skincare products (produced by her).

Check out photos of the stunning model...