Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has condemned the way Chelsea have handled the scandal involving referee Mark Clattenburg, saying that the club should not have made the allegations over racial abuse public.

A week of thrilling league cup action has been marred by the incident at the weekend, in which the Blues claim that Clattenburg used racist language toward Chelsea player John Obi Mikel during their 3-2 defeat at home to Manchester United. Wenger claims the club went forward "with little proof", and that the matter should have been dealt with privately.

"The last two nights were great adverts for football and that is absolutely fantastic. For the rest, I believe one of the great things in sport, it is a battle when it is on and one of the great things in football, especially in England is always that you can sort out the problems you had internally. And if it becomes poor to make the lawyers rich, I'm not a fan of it. I think one of the great things in sport is tolerance, forgiveness and explanation internally and I think it should stay like that. It can happen that the referee doesn't behave well, I do not say they are angels, but it's always better to sort it out in the room."

Both the Football Association and the Metropolitan Police are now investigating the allegations, whilst Chelsea have sent a dossier to the FA detailing evidence that they say supports their claim. Police are also looking at the photos taken during Chelsea's 5-4 win over United in the League Cup, in which a home fan appears to be making monkey gestures at Danny Welbeck.

Written and presented by Alfred Joyner