An Omaha woman has been charged with animal abuse after officers found 45 dead animals inside her residence.

On Sept. 24, 47-year-old Jamie Kimbrough was charged with two felony counts of animal abuse and neglect. The judge set her bail at $20,000.

Kimbrough was first contacted by the Nebraska Humane Society on Aug. 10 about possible rabbit hoarding. She denied owning any rabbits and said her two pet dogs were vaccinated by her father's veterinary clinic, according to the Omaha World-Herald.

An investigator with the society found the vaccination claim to be false. "I became very concerned for the condition of Jaime's hygiene and general care, so I contacted the Department of Health and Human Services Neglected and Vulnerable Adult division," he told the outlet.

On Aug. 19, officers with the Humane Society were called to Kimbrough's house after a woman who breeds and shows rabbits said the accused convinced her to drop a female rabbit that had stopped breeding. The woman described Kimbrough as a friend and said that the accused agreed to "provide free veterinary fertility testing."

Investigators at the scene stepped on uneven ground as they entered Kimbrough's garage. There they found several inches of solid rabbit wastes where the animals were running around. In the basement, officers found more dog feces and mold.

Investigators found 38 dead rabbits inside the residence and two bird cages in Kimbrough's bedroom with two bird skeletons inside. Five more dead rabbits were in another building that has been connected with Kimbrough.

"When we first opened the door it actually took our breath away and burnt our nostrils and our lungs. It was extremely filthy; animals are running around and couldn't escape the waste. And deceased animals are still on the property as well," said Nebraska Humane Society Field Director Ronald Schlabs to KETV.

According to court documents obtained by KETV, officers at the premise found several rabbit food bags filled with dead rabbits.

Initially, Kimbrough denied doing anything wrong and said that she was set up and the animals were placed in her house. Later, she said she killed the rabbits because she could not take care of them.

Investigators did not find any proof of veterinary license. Eight rabbits and two dogs were rescued from the house and are now in the custody of the Humane Society.

Sterilized pet rabbits dressed in traditional Chinese costumes (representational image) Photo: Reuters