Luis Suarez
Luis Suarez v England: the striker will have a chance to get one up on the country he publicly denounced last summer.

With the World Cup draw rolling around IBTimes UK takes a look at some of the best match-ups that could happen for the neutral fan.

1. Uruguay

Luis Suarez is currently being compared to the likes of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo after his efforts for Liverpool against Norwich. Sure, the man can score a hat-trick or two (and in this case three against one side) but how would he go against the squad representing the country he so publicly denounced last summer? The Reds have been missing from the Champions League for some years now and as the side aim to get back in the mix for top-tier European silverwear it would be great to see how the Uruguayan shows up on the world stage - against many of his teammates, and the players he comes up against every week. It will surely be a spectacle to rival some of his greatest moments in the Premier League.

2. Australia

England have had their fair share of rivals over the last few years; the side came up against Germany in the 2010 World Cup, they fought with France and Italy in the 2012 Euros and now as they prepare for Brazil the side will be hoping that they can take advantage of not being the favourites to take the 'dark horse' tag for the tournament. And there is certainly no darker horse in this current World Cup than Australia, who are perhaps their biggest sporting rivals across the world. While England are David, the Aussies are Goliath and should the two draw one another it will be the kind of match where previous form will count for nothing (for the record, the last time they played in 2003 Australia won 3-1 and England made 11 changes at half-time) and the supporters' banter will be as entertaining as the game itself.

3. Brazil

How would Neymar do against England? The pressure might be too much for the 21 year old.

If England draw Brazil many fans would be throwing in the towel immediately, but there are positives to be considered; should the Three Lions be able to face the hosts on the opening night of the tournament the pressure on the hosts would mean the game can sway either way. England are far from favourites to make it to the final stages in this tournament, while the South American outfit are expected to be in the final and should the pair meet it could be Roy Hodgson's chance to show his side are not the also-rans many have taken them for.

4. Germany

When England found out they were going to play Germany in 2010 fans from both countries knew just how important this game would be with the duo enjoying a bitter rivalry that spans back to wartimes. The match left the Three Lions in dismay over a ghost goal, and one that many would say was the turning point in the match as Germany romped to a 4-1 victory. A recent friendly saw both sides experimenting and resulted in a 1-0 win for the Germans but should Steven Gerrard get the chance to face the side again in a World Cup match it would be a great test of their progress over the last four years and a chance to all but forget that embarrassing day in South Africa.

5. Argentina

Lionel Messi
England v Lionel Messi; who will come out on top?

A certain radio station once claimed Lionel Messi didn't have the ambition of a superstar because he wasn't willing to prove himself against Stoke on a rainy Wednesday night. Well, it might not be so rainy in Brazil but the forward will have the chance to prove just where he ranks compared to England's toughest players if Argentina are to meet the side in the group stages. Messi has yet to prove himself on the world stage and in 2010 the side lost to Germany 4-0 in the quarter final to be ousted in embarrassing style. Can England's best players stop the man who makes some of the world's best players look like armatures week in and out? Only one way to find out.