A tragic discovery revealed that 10 endangered Pygmy elephants, seven females and three males believed to be from the same family, have been killed in the past three weeks by poisoning on the Sabah wildlife game reserve in Malaysia. This upsetting footage shows an adult elephant on the ground.

This 3 month old baby elephant was found standing by its mother, desperately trying to wake her up.

These 4 elephants lie together in death ranging in age from four to twenty years of age. Blood is all over their bodies, evidence of acute internal poisoning. The animals still had their tusks, indicating that they had not been killed by poachers, and none had gunshot wounds. The WWF estimates that there are fewer than ,1500 Borneo pygmy elephants in the wild, and most of these baby faced elephants are in the Sabah state.

Sabah environmental minister Masidi Manjun. Said "This is a very sad day for conservation and Sabah. And "If indeed these poor elephants were maliciously poisoned, I would personally make sure that the culprits would be brought to justice and pay for their crime."

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Written and presented by Ann Salter