Tens of thousands of students will take to the streets of London today in protest at the rise in the cost of further education and the huge hike in University tuition fees. It'll be the first protest since the violence in the capital during marches and protests over exactly the same issues two years ago. The NUS – the National Union of Students - has published the results of a survey suggesting many of their members haven't forgiven MPs for breaking election promises over increasing fees.

These were the scenes in London back in November 2010 – where violence broke out between police and protestors across the city. The NUS is organising today's official 'Demo 2012' March, though there is news that a fringe march will also be taking place. Police are on standby over fears that history might well repeat itself

The head of the NUS Liam Burn says the current government is putting the future of a whole generation at risk. Youth unemployment in the country is at an all-time high. The NUS survey of just over 2,000 adults indicates 58% of those with children under 18 reckon the MPs who broke their promise over tuition fees shouldn't stand at the next election.

The route starts at Embankment and finishes in Kennington Park. And the Met have ordered a Section 12 Public Order meaning if people go off the agreed route, officers will take action. Whatever that might mean.