A 39,000-year-old frozen woolly mammoth arrived in Yokohama, south of Tokyo, from the frozen lands of Russia on Tuesday (July 9).

The three-metre long female mammoth named Yuka was discovered three years ago in Sakha Republic in Russia. Japan's NHK said it was 10 years old when it died.

It was brought to the port city of Yokohama for a public exhibition as Japan enters summer and crowds thicken with families.

It is the first time the public gets a chance to gawk at a carcass whose body, but more importantly, fur is relatively intact.

Organisers said Yuka's organs are missing and disagreements within intellectual circles are rife whether they were extracted by humans long ago or by modern man using modern tools.

Scientists have made several attempts to revive mammoths using cells of remains since 1990s, none of them successful.

The exhibition lasts from July 13 and wraps up on September 16, 2013.

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