The water levels of 43 reservoirs in northeast China's Jilin Province are still above their warning mark, despite rainfall easing in recent days.

Eight major reservoirs in Jilin have been swollen to a level 0.18 and 2.51 meters above the warning mark while the water levels of 35 smaller reservoirs have risen above their respective warning marks.

Most of the reservoirs have opened their sluice gates to release the excess water, except Baicheng's Yueliangpao reservoir, whose discharge of water might worsen flood risks on the Nenjiang River.

The waters discharged from the Nierji reservoir in the upper reaches of the Nenjiang River have begun to arrive in Jilin, causing the river's main course to swell to a width of 25 kilometres, dozen times its original size.

A previous discharge of excess water from the Nierji reservoir damaged a major levee in the city of Baicheng on Monday.

The swollen river has not yet severely threatened any of the major levees in the province, but it has submerged some farmland and caused some damage to smaller levees in rural areas.

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