Rick Perry
Republican candidate Rick Perry's new campaign ad has gone viral -- with more than three million views on YouTube. Rperry2012

Rick Perry's anti-gay campaign video has been named the most disliked video on Youtube. International Business Times UK lists five videos that has viewers giving a "thumbs down".

Rick Perry: Strong
Republican candidate Rick Perry angered the internet community with this campaign video, in which he rails against an Ameica where "gays can serve openly in the military".
Dislikes: 387502

Rebecca Black: Friday

When her mother paid $4,000 for 14-year-old Rebecca Black to record her very own pop song, the backlash was enormous.
Dislikes: 255188

My Tram Experience

Emma West's racist outburst on a tram has only been online since November and it is already racing up the charts as voters show their disgust.
Dislikes: 92649 (Warning: Contains strong language and racial abuse)

Leave Britney Alone

Youtube star Chris Crocker's tearful diatribe against critics of Britney Spears in 2007 became a web sensation, with spoofs appearing all over the Web.
Dislikes: 229849 (Warning: Contains strong language)

Justin Bieber: Baby

He may be one of the biggest pop stars in the world, but teen pop-sensation Justin Bieber is certainly divisive. His 2010 single has received millions of 'Likes' as well as millions of 'Dislikes'.
Dislikes: 2068938