This is Zhou Kehua: according to China's state news agency he is the country's most dangerous man and he's on the run. There's a £50,000 bounty out on him for anyone who provides information leading to his arrest. This is a country where gun crime is very low because of the strict ownership laws, so when the state media ask the public for their help in a case of this kind you know it's serious.

The ruthless, smiling killer targets people withdrawing money large sums of money from their accounts, as he did with a couple on Friday who were leaving this bank in the south-western city of Chongquing with £25,000. Kehua is said to have coolly shot the woman dead, injured the man and two more security guards as he made his escape. He's also accused of killing at least nine people in the last 8 years.

On street corners and at the shops in the city, news of the fugitive is all that people can talk about. He was something of a well-known face in the area. This woman who lives near the scene says: "He (the suspect) has been wandering around here since July, and I have seen him for several times."

Born in the rural area of the vast city, reporters from Chinese TV station went out to the suspect's home village to try and learn more about the man who seems a master at evading the police and who's already served time for trafficking firearms.

"He (the suspect) was not a trouble maker." The reporter then asked: "Did he talk much?" "No, he was silent, never had fight with anyone." The man replied.

One police official said 'We have not seen this kind of cold-blooded killer in years," and so as mountain searches begin for this armed robber it's clear the Chinese people won't rest until they see Zhou Kehua safely brought to justice. Crimes of this nature in China carry the death penalty.