It measured 7.4 on the Richter scale and it more than rattled Mexico City in the early hours of yesterday.

This is the footage that one office worker captured as the fierce earthquake rattled his workplace. He did well to hold onto his camera!

Meanwhile hundreds more were immediately evacuated from stores and banks around the city as its force spread. There were no reports of widespread damage or major injuries.

The quake also forced tourists staying at some of Acapulco’s finest hotels to evacuate the buildings for their own safety.

The hardest hit area was the southwestern state of Guerrero where 800 houses were damaged. And miraculously just one man was slightly injured in Mexico City when the force of the quake caused a pedestrian bridge to collapse, crashing down onto a truck. Here fire crews and rescue workers frantically try to extricate the crushed vehicle as shocked onlookers try and make sense of it all.