Investors of any kind can choose to do business in certain countries that provide not only good economic conditions, but also a business climate that allows them to develop and generate more profits than in the home country. The tax system, the infrastructure and even the investment incentives are attentively measured by entrepreneurs before taking a business decision that involves a particular destination for their activities. Numerous advantages can be the reasons for forming a company abroad and the following might capture the interest of many investors.

The tax structure plays a major role in a business decision

Having a business in a foreign country like Luxembourg or Qatar, where the development possibilities in varied sectors of interest are huge, will depend in a large percent on the amount of taxes that need to be paid. The corporate income tax, the social contributions, and the VAT are among the taxes which are normally placed on the list of advantages and disadvantages in terms of business taxation. Having a company in a country that has a low corporate income tax is appealing to entrepreneurs who would rather reinvest a part of the profits instead of paying a huge amount of taxes.

Taking advantage of a great business location

International investors know the importance of the business locations and that is why, in many cases, a country with important sea exits (Singapore and Malta can be examples) will be preferred instead of the ones with no such business openings. Import and export activities are highly developed on an international scale and are also the engine of the economy of most of the countries, so having a business in the trading sector is for sure an excellent option. More than that, entrepreneurs who want to start a business in a foreign country should pay attention to top quality products when having an import and export company and skip any possible litigation cases where customers might complain about marketing and/or manufacturing defects.

Investment incentives need to be considered

Company owners who are interested in exteding the business at an international scale can benefit from the multitude of incentives offered to investors of any kind. Among the benefits offered to foreign investors, some might take advantage of varied tax exemptions if they focus on hiring local staff in their companies or reinvest the profits in equipment and machinery. This another significant business advantage, alongside the one referring to tax exemptions in a foreign country that might be very important at the time a business decision is made.