Professional wrestler and All Elite Wrestling (AEW) vice-president, Cody Rhodes along with his wife Brandi Rhodes, wrestler Maxwell Jacob Friedman (MJF) made an entrance into the Sears Center Arena ring. They were accompanied by their pet dog Pharaoh.

Fans were unhappy to see how the dog got scared by the fireworks going off during the entrance. They tweeted about the incident. AWE founder Tony Khan was asked to comment about the incident after the show. YouTube reviewers also scrutinised the careless move.

Rhodes was scheduled to face Shawn Spears during AEW's pay-per-view. During the Double or Nothing pay-per-view, Rhodes made a poignant entrance. He used a sledgehammer to break a throne with symbols related to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) wrestler Triple H on it. The sledgehammer is Triple H's favourite choice of weapon, which was a jab at the wrestler and the oppressive WWE world.

Fans were in awe of Rhodes' Double or Nothing entrance and the gory match that followed. However, this time the wrestler managed to draw the wrong kind of attention by his entrance. Pyrotechnics has long been phased out from WWE entrances.

AEW's use of pyrotechnics is adored by fans. But, what the fans disliked was putting Rhode's dog go through an uncomfortable situation.

Cody Rhodes
From left to right: Ted DiBiase, Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes Getty Images

Brandi Rhodes and MJF entered from the backstage with their dog Pharaoh on a leash. The dog seemed excited to see Rhodes until the pyrotechnics went off. The fireworks had the dog worked up as it constantly tried to retreat.

Instead of allowing the dog to escape the stressful walk to the ring, the wrestlers dragged him along. Brandi could be seen telling her husband that Pharao was scared. She rushed their pet backstage as soon as she could.

The panic-stricken dog had fans and reviewers raging alike. Whatculture's Adam Wilbourne and Andy Murray had some harsh words to say about Rhodes' actions.

During a conversation with the media after the match, Khan also showed his displeasure. He said that Rhodes' wife was also not happy about how uncomfortable Pharaoh was.

Rhodes frequently shares pictures of Pharaoh and fans love the dog. Pharaoh's appearance on AEW was to raise funds for the PAWS charity. The day after the pay-per-view, Pharaoh and Rhodes were seen attending a PAWS event.

Rhodes responded to concerned fans by stating that Pharaoh was fine and he had been spooked out by a loud pyro that was not supposed to go off. From the reaction of the fans and Khan, Pharaoh will not be a part of stressful AEW appearances anytime soon.