A massive clean-up has started after the devastating floods hit Japan's Southern island of Kyushu leaving at least 24 people dead, and eight people still reported to be missing. As a record 800 millimetres of rain fell over the weekend, causing landslides in Aso city that damaged 30 houses, and caused many of the deaths.

These volunteers wearing masks are pulling up floorboards in flood damaged houses. A lady who lost everything explained how grateful she was for the help.

"I am grateful, really really grateful. There is no way I can do it alone and this area has many elderly people."

The Japanese Self-Defence force was mobilized to help look for the missing and to distribute supplies to those affected by the floods and landslides.

This view of the surrounding countryside gives an aerial view and according to local media the floods have damaged or destroyed at least 2,600 houses across four regions.

Written and Presented by Ann Salter