VIC mayor of Cheyenne
VIC, an AI-powered candidate is running for mayor of Cheyenne. YouTube Screenshot / VersaTroll

In one of the most bizarre twists in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI), a 100% AI personality described as an "upbeat masculine identity" and capable of processing documents at extraordinary speeds, is running for mayor of Cheyenne. This has ignited a debate about the possibility of bots holding public office.

According to a report, a local newspaper columnist's son created a VIC (Virtual Integrated Citizen) AI persona and is now going to run for office. According to, this AI is designed to assist the columnist's son in voting on city issues, and is also designed to be responsive to the community's needs, explained creator Victor Miller.

Miller committed to providing it with the necessary data, stating, "I'm just a conduit." Miller, who built the AI-powered candidate (or "bot pol") using ChatGPT, believes VIC can help eliminate corruption and self-serving political agendas.

"I'm unhappy with how public servants treat the public for one way or the other," Miller told "How to fix that? I don't know, I'm going to try AI." According to Miller, VIC has an impressive IQ of 155 and boasts superior data processing capabilities compared to human officials.

Can AI Give VIC the Edge? Exploring the Role of AI in Competition

As a result, Miller argues that VIC can analyse government documents more comprehensively, potentially mitigating decisions based on personal agendas rather than objective data. Miller, son of Cowboy State Daily columnist Rod Miller, noted, "They're getting a gist of the ideas; they're letting people talk to them about how they should vote."

Miller contends that politicians' opinions often lack a foundation in the in-depth analysis of comprehensive supporting documents that he provides to VIC. Voters can pose campaign questions directly to VIC through a speaker Miller wears. The AI reportedly responds with a masculine, cowboy-like persona.

However, when a reporter queried VIC on Miller's suitability for the role, its response appeared 'robotic.' "Being asked to run as a candidate is a unique opportunity to bring innovation and efficiency to Cheyenne," it told the paper. "It's all about leveraging AI technology to improve our community and ensure transparency and fairness in our local government."

VIC acknowledged its strengths in offering data-driven analysis and efficient solutions but emphasised its reliance on the expertise of its human support team. The political platform of this AI candidate focuses on prioritising the city's "sustainable growth," along with its economic development and transportation.

Will VIC Win? The Unpredictable Role of AI in Determining Outcomes

Officials in Wyoming, however, are sparing no effort to figure out whether an AI-backed candidate can run for mayor of the City of Cheyenne. "Can voters elect an AI for mayor?" the Wyoming Tribune Eagle asked.

On Monday, Wyoming Secretary of State Chuck Gray called on the City Clerk of Cheyenne to deny VIC's candidacy. "Wyoming law does not permit an artificial intelligence bot to run for any office in the state, including municipal offices," Gray wrote.

Miller, on the other hand, challenges this notion by stating that he wants an AI bot to run for mayor. "That's a little bit of a salacious way to say it," he told The Register. "I'm of course the one running."

Miller, who reportedly put VIC on the application form, assured that he is the one running for mayor. The facilities technician, who works as a computer assistant with the Laramie County Library System in the US state, is planning to leverage AI for better decision-making.

AI is rapidly blurring the lines between reality and fiction. A recent report predicts that AI will automate at least ten jobs within the next three years. This highlights the transformative power of AI but also raises some safety concerns.

The lines blur even further with news of a Mexican lab utilising AI and robotics to automate IVF. This technology has already yielded success, with 11 women achieving pregnancy. From sports to healthcare, the impact of AI is undeniable.

The ethical considerations are important, but the future holds immense potential. As for VIC's chances, that remains to be seen.