In an update to the ongoing investigation into the Alps murder last week in France, it has just been announced that UK Police have surrounded the family home of the British man, Saad Al-Hilli, in Claygate, Surrey, and a bomb disposal team are there at the moment.

Surrey police have just released a statement which said "Due to concerns around items found at the address in Claygate, officers have extended the cordon around the property."Neighbours in the immediate area are being evacuated. We will provide more information when we have it."

At this moment, it is unclear what police are looking for or suspect, but a close family friend of Mr Al-Hilli told Sky News that the father of two had been worried about security and had hid important documents, before he left for France on holiday.

The shocking murder of the British family from Surrey - Saad Al-Hilli, his wife Iqbal, and mother-in-law, who were all shot dead at close range in their family car, and their two daughters Zaunab, seriously wounded and still in hospital, and Zeena, who has flown back to the UK - has baffled police looking for a motive.

French Police told reporters that the crime scene is being re-examined, and that it would be wrong to focus on the theory of an "ordered execution."

They said: "Is this the work of a crazy person? Was the family the real target? Only work based on complete information can help us to see things clearly."

Written and presented by Ann Salter.