Incredible surveillance camera footage has emerged from China revealing the moment a child had a lucky escape after she fell out of a moving car.

Watch what happens here….if it wasn't for the super fast reflexes of this little girl's father, she could have been run clean over by a passing taxi at this busy intersection. Thankfully the taxi's brakes worked a treat.

It all happened in Wenzhou city in the south eastern province of Zhejiang and a traffic camera picked up the whole dramatic scene. Apparently the girl crawled from the back seat to the front when Dad was driving. Somehow she slipped out of the car door and just missed hitting the back wheel. She's a heap on the floor in the middle of the road for only a few seconds before Dad jumped out of the car and scooped her up safely. He starts to run off with her in his arms, stops and turns back to pick up a toy maybe and then dashes away.

Meanwhile the car he was driving shot off the road and hit a nearby tree. We don't know yet if the girl was hurt, but she's very lucky to be alive at all.

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