United States' BMX rider Connor Fields won the Red Bull R.Evolution race in Berlin, Germany on Saturday (August 17).

Fields, who is ranked third in the world and was a finalist in the London Olympics BMX event where he crashed out, finished 0.633 seconds ahead of Brazil's Renato Rezende, with Frenchman Vincent Pelluard in third place.

The event was held at Mellowpark, which will be a venue for one of next year's UCI Supercross World Cup races.

At 16 metres, the course has the biggest BMX Race track jump in the world and it also boasts the fastest start ramp speed - 70 kilometres per hour - as well as the highest step-up in BMX Supercross (nine metres).

"I love the whole thing, it was really different, it was one of the tracks where you had to go fast some times and you had to slow down some times," Fields said. "So, it was all about concentrating, and making the right move for the right jump. You know, the first jump was the biggest jump we've ever jumped, that was so much fun and that step-up jump on the second move was something really new. Every time I was out there I was having fun."

Thirty-six athletes from 11 countries took part including 30 of the UCI's top-ranked riders as well as several Olympic athletes.

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