Amir Khan
Amir Khan

It sounds like a scene from a Rocky film - six thugs given a pounding by a hero protecting his property.

But that is exactly what boxer Amir Khan was reported to have done when his £100,000 Range Rover was targeted by a gang of car thieves in Birmingham.

The former world champion and his boxer brother Haroon took on the attackers one by one and made mincemeat of them when the gang tried to block in their car and rob the pair, according to one onlooker.

"These guys tried to jump Amir and his brother but they picked on the wrong blokes," claimed a witness. "They parked their car in front of the Range Rover. At least one had a cosh.

"One slapped Amir and clipped him on the lip but Amir pulled back and knocked him out cold.

"Then five of them want for Amir and Haroon but they stood their ground and these guys got dropped one by one."

A West Midlands Police spokesman said: "Police were called to a report of a fight taking place.

"Officers arrived within minutes but found no sign of any disorder and received no reports of any offences having been committed.

"Police left the scene a short time later."