These satellite pictures just released by Amnesty International show the true extent of artillery bombardment in the Syrian city of Aleppo.

The images, taken on from July 23- to August 1 period, show more than 600 craters, probably from artillery shelling, dotting Aleppo's surrounding areas. The craters are represented with yellow dots in the images. One snapshot, from July 31, showed craters next to what looked like a residential housing complex in the nearby town of Anadan.

Amnesty International said, the other photos, showed a giant queue of cars and trucks waiting at a gas station as supplies become depleted in the city and show a truck on fire in a roadblock, probably manned by civilians, as well as a general overview of the city showing military hot spots and check points.

Meanwhile Syrian state media have just announced that government forces now have full control of key sites in Aleppo and that the rebels are retreating. Rebel commanders have denied this statement, they have retreated from the Salah al-Din district.