Amy Winehouse
British singer Amy Winehouse. Reuters

The post mortem of Amy Winehouse will take place at St Pancras Mortuary today (25 July.)

The singer's body was found on Saturday afternoon at her home in Camden, north London, with police saying her death at the age of 27 is "unexplained''.

The inquest will open and adjourn at St Pancras Coroner's Court at 14:30hrs today (25 July). And will hopefully bring some form of peace to her family who say they have been left "bereft" by their loss. In a statement, the family added: "She leaves a gaping hole in our lives."

Naturally a funeral has been delayed due to this post-mortem examination and police investigation which have made it impossible to set a date. A spokesman for the family said the funeral would be held as soon as possible

Although the Brit and Grammy award-winner had struggled with drink and drug addiction for many years and had recently spent time in rehab. Police have declined to say whether her death was drug-related.

Police spokesman Supt Raj Kohli said: "It would be inappropriate to speculate on the cause of death."

He added: "My sympathy extends not just to her immediate family but clearly to the thousands and millions of fans across the world."

There have been no arrests made.