Viswanathan Anand-Magnus Carlsen

Indian Grandmaster Viswanathan Anand has been dethroned by World No 1 Magnus Carlsen after Game 10 of 2013 World Chess championship at Hyatt Regency in Chennai ended in a draw.

Carlsen maintained his three-point lead over Anand with the scores at 6.5-3.5 and after 65 moves Game 10 was declared a draw, giving Carlsen, the 22-year-old "Justin Bieber of chess", the title.

Anand had held the crown since 2007.

He said he was disappointed with his game and his mistakes had cost him the championship but he praised Carlsen for his consistency.

The first four rounds of the competition ended in a draw and the World No 1 was the favourite to hold on to his crown. Playing in Chennai close to where he was born Anand was expected to exploit the home advantage.

But the Indian master experienced a meltdown and lost Game 6, 7 and 9 gifting Carlsen a three-point lead.

The defeats came after a series of unforced errors, ruthlessly capitalised upon by Carlsen.

Carlsen, who became a grandmaster at 13, became the game's youngest No 1 in history at the age of 18. His game against Anand was his first world championship.


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